An accomplished kitchen design is the result of a careful and studied composition of space, layout, natural and artificial light, materials, textures and colours. We invite you to browse some of our projects.

Edgehill Westmount

In this bright open space kitchen, multiple textures and colors meet. In this elegant composition we have used a glossy metallic lacquer for the island, a textured concrete finish lacquer for the column units and glossy colored glass for the wall cabinets. The counter-top is in black granite in a mat finish.


Parc La Fontaine

The aesthetic of doors without handles of this kitchen in Parc La Fontaine perfects the modern style. With its 2 inches high toe-kicks, the Oltre model has a modern flair while providing more storage space. The black mat Fenix doors are made of nano-particles. With its soft touch, these cabinets blend perfectly with this refined design and the subtle brittle of stainless steel.



“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”.
Le Corbusier

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Hamptons NY

The careful blend of materials such as thermo-treated oak veneer, natural stones and stainless steel set the tone for this distinguished bright kitchen. The result is a modern kitchen that radiates sophistication and warmth, a balance that is always a challenge to to achieve.